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Draft 1 - Hae Dong Yoo Sep 18 2006 Professor Tara...

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<Draft 1> Hae Dong Yoo Sep. 18, 2006 Professor Tara Parmiter Writing the Essay The Contact It is said that the memory-last period of a goldfish is only three seconds. Therefore these fish are very playful because everything is new for them, for they can’t even remember what they did for three seconds before. It can be somewhat blessed characteristic that they don’t have to hold sad memories. However, on reverse, these pitiful creatures can’t hold beautiful memories or pictures in their heart. We can’t just live a life without beautiful thoughts of the past. Sometimes we need a break from the daily routine. We humans, unlike ‘goldfish’ have ability to store beautiful memories in our heart. These memories enable us to take a short trip to the world of ‘reminiscence,’ the trip that make us feel shortly departed from the world and take rest from the daily routine. For few days ago, I was under a deep stress with my tones of assignments from classes. Especially my world cultures class was so much burden for me that I almost up the every night. Amid these assignments, I was also given a writing the essay assignment. It was ‘choose a picture then think about what it means to you. Describe the picture, and write why you were attracted to this picture.’ Therefore on my desk, there has lied a copy of a drawing called ‘captive Pegasus by Odilon Redon for several days. It is a drawing that depicts a scene that a man holding untamed Pegasus that seems to be very hostile to the man. However for me, this picture gave me an impression that the man in the picture constantly attempts to get friendly to Pegasus. While Pegasus is attacking the man, he is unarmed, only with a bridle on Pegasus. Would they finally be
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friendly to each other? Or would the man just slip the Pegasus? My brain just signaled a curiosity as my eyes move from Pegasus to the man. I was looking for the answer. At the same time I was struggling to find the reason why I was attracted to this picture. Somehow there should have been a reason that I was attracted to the picture. I flashed back my memories to look for memoirs that could possibly connect to the picture. Soon, one thing just struck my mind. It was my memory with my violin. In working on my essay for my writing the essay class, I was summoned to some mystic place, somewhere only I know. There, I met my closest friend. Thinking about our old times, my mind brought up memories about things that I’ve learned through my friend, my violin. Anyone who has seen the movie ‘Red Violin’ would have heard of the name “Stradivarius.” Violin players fear even the name itself, as they imagine playing the Stradivarius violin live in concert. The violin’s unique sound is incomparable to any violins in the world. Normally these violins are about two to three million dollars for
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