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<Draft 2> Hae Dong Yoo Professor Tara Parmiter Writing the Essay Oct. 01, 2006 The Contact It is said that a goldfish’s memory only lasts for three seconds. Therefore, these fish are very playful because everything seems new for them, for they cannot even remember what they did for three seconds before. This can be somewhat of a blessing as they do not have to hold onto sad memories. However, in reality, these pitiful creatures also cannot obtain beautiful memories or pictures in their heads. As human beings, we cannot just live a life without beautiful thoughts of the past. Sometimes we need a break from the daily routine. Unlike goldfish, we have the ability to store beautiful memories in our mind. These memories enable us to take a short trip to the world of ‘reminiscence,’ the trip that makes us feel shortly departed from the world and take a needed rest. On my desk, there had been a copy of a drawing called ‘ Captive Pegasus ’ by Odilon Redon lying for several days. I got this picture from my friends when they went to Museum of Modern Art for sightseeing. Giving me that picture, they said it was very famous. I did not care, to be honest, whether the picture was famous or not, but somehow I was strongly attracted to the image. It is a drawing that depicts a man holding an untamed Pegasus that seems to be very hostile. However, for me, this picture gave me an impression that the man in the picture constantly attempts to get close to Pegasus. While Pegasus is attacking the man, he is unarmed, merely with a grasp by the bridle on Pegasus. They are fighting with each other; Pegasus is struggling to get out of the man’s hand while the man is struggling to tame Pegasus without harming it. For the man, it really is an attempt to contact to the horse’s mind, trying to relate with Pegasus. My heart began to beat quickly, curious to know what would happen next. Would they finally be friendly to each other? Or would the man just slip the
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opportunity to tame the Pegasus? According to the Pegasus mythology, the Pegasus represents a poetic genius. Therefore, figuratively, the action of taming the Pegasus is extremely important to an artist. If one can tame poetic genius, one would be able to get unique artistic inspiration. As my eyes move from Pegasus to the man I became curious. What does it take for an artist to get a poetic inspiration? Does it take hardship and struggle? I flashed back my memories to look for instances that could possibly connect to the picture. Soon, one thing just struck my mind. It was my memory with my violin. Recollecting memories about my violin, I was summoned to some mystic place, somewhere only my sacred violin and I know. There, I met my closest friend. Thinking about our old times, my mind brought up memories about things that I’ve learned through my friend, my violin.
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