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Hae Dong Yoo Sep. 07, 2006 Professor Tara Parmiter Writing the Essay People usually make up their own images in their minds. Mostly, also funnily, these images tend to be more perfect than their actual appearances. These kinds of images are commonly called as ‘inspiration.’ Everyday we make these inspirations of our own appearances when we do something. Sometimes our inspiration leads us to take positive actions i.e. some brave heroic actions such as leading a crow, while sometimes not. There are two writers who wrote essays about ‘inspiration.’ However these two writers had quite different opinions about the inspiration. One writer regarded the inspiration as a motive of his creative works while the other side considered it as a barrier that creates social prejudices. First writer to write about the inspiration is Lee K Abbott. In his essay “The True Story of Why I Do What I Do,” Abbott explains how the inspiration affects people in writings. Taking the incident that happened between his father and himself, he successfully pulls out the idea that the inspiration actually motivates a writer to take his or her pen. He starts his essay by explaining his imagination. In his imagination, Abbott’s father is his hero. Abbott remarks that he’s the gentleman, as crazed, driven and cross- hearted that he has ever seen. However in real life, his father was a total mess. Referring to what Abbott said “
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exercise1 - Hae Dong Yoo Sep. 07, 2006 Professor Tara...

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