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Writing the Essay, Fall 2006 Instructor: Tara K. Parmiter Progression 1: Memory and Visual Imagination In Progression One, you will write an exploratory or familiar essay , developing an original idea from your reflections on an art object (a painting, photograph, sculpture, print, etc.) and personal experience. To help you explore and complicate your idea, you will incorporate evidence from such sources as literature, nonfiction, film, songs, and other works of art. We will work on weaving these pieces of evidence into a compelling narrative, one that wanders through meaningful digressions rather than plodding along a straight line, and one that gives you creative space to experiment with voice and form. In addition, we will work on crafting introductions that draw readers in and conclusions that leave them pondering, using dramatic recreations of memories and art to explore ideas, and reflecting at length upon ideas, considering their multiple angles and implications. September 7 Exploratory Essays : Exercise 1 due / Diagnostic test in class Read Encounters : Lee K. Abbott, “The True Story of Why I Do What I Do” (pp. 86-91); Mercer Street 2005 : Alena Gribskov, “The Professor’s Wife” September 12 Word Pictures and Original Detail : Exercise 2 due Read Encounters : Annie Dillard, “Living Like Weasels” (pp. 208-212) & Jaclyn Geller “Celebrity Bride as Cultural Icon” (pp. 277-281); Handout: Natalie Goldberg, “Original Detail,” “The Power of Detail” September 14 Dramatic Scenes : Exercise 3 due Read Encounters : Loren Eiseley “The Dance of the Frogs” (pp. 252- 258) & Richard Seltzer, “The Masked Marvel’s Last Toehold” (pp. 692-696); Handout: Goldberg, “Don’t Tell, But Show,” “Be Specific” September 19 Reflection : Exercise 4 due Read Encounters : Judith Ortiz Cofer, “Silent Dancing” (pp. 145-151) & Brent Staples “Just Walk on By” (pp. 586-589); Handout: Natalie Goldberg, “The Action of a Sentence” September 21 Shaping the Essay : Exercise 5 due Read Mercer Street : TBA; Little, Brown Handbook , “MLA Documentation and Format” September 26 Rough Draft due: Workshopping in class September 28 Revised Draft due: Workshopping in class Final Draft will be due on October 10th.
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Exercise 1: Idea and the Exploratory Essay (2 pages) Reading : Read the following essays in Encounters : Lee K. Abbott, “The True Story of Why I Do What I Do” (pp. 86-91). Alena Gribskov, “The Professor’s Wife,”
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progression_one_2006 - Writing the Essay, Fall 2006...

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