Chapter 4 Homework Solutions

Chapter 4 Homework Solutions -...

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Unformatted text preview: E4-1E4-2E4-111.ccd2.dab3.ddc4.bcc5.ad6.aE4-3Common stock200,000 Additional paid in capital300,000 Retained earnings100,000 Investment in Broadway600,000 E4-4Common stock20,000 Retained earnings37,000 Differential43,000 Investment in Brown100,000 Inventory5,000 Buildings and equipment20,000 Goodwill18,000 Differential43,000 Eliminating entries are not made on either company's books; not posted to either company's general ledAs such, there is no permanent effect, and eliminating entries need to be redone "from scratch" every pE4-5Common stock120,000 Retained earnings240,000 Differential35,000 Investment in Thorne395,000 Land36,000 Goodwill19,000 Buildings20,000 Differential35,000 E4-6Common stock80,000 Retained earnings130,000 Differential260,000 Investment in Conger470,000 Land20,000 Buildings180,000 Goodwill60,000 Differential260,000 E4-10a.140,000 [1][1] - Bring the acquiree's assets into the consolidated entib.60,000 [1][2] - Acquiree's net identifiable assets:c.550,000 [1]80,000 d.46,000 [2]...
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Chapter 4 Homework Solutions -...

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