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FINAL NOTES - Exam Four has two focuses chapters 10-12 and...

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Exam Four has two focuses: chapters 10-12 and comprehensive review key concepts of chapters 1-9 The chapters 10-12 assessment portion contains 40 MC questions and 4 problems. The problems cover the following topics: o 1) Series of questions regarding various bond computations and analysis, o 2) Series of questions regarding computations and analysis of stockholders' equity section of Balance Sheet, o 3) Classification of transactions for Statement of Cash Flows and o 4) Categorization of activities for Statement of Cash Flows. Comprehensive assessment of chapters 1-9 contains 50 MC questions, most similar to those in chapter quizzes. CHAPTER 10 OBJECTIVES Reporting and Analyzing Liabilities 1.Explain a current liability and identify the major types of current liabilities. 2.Describe the accounting for notes payable 3.Explain the accounting for other current liabilities. 4.Identify the types of bonds.
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