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Insider’s View 1 An Insider’s View Sabrina Ward MGT 435 Prof. Blacknell August 23, 2010
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Insider’s View 2 An Insider’s View This report will give you an inside look into the printing industry, in which I have been employed in for nineteen years. I will start with supplying you a brief overview of the industry, and lead you into the heart of a printing company, the production department. I will go over what I have observed while working inside this industry. Specifically, in regards to the production control systems within the production department. I will discuss my thoughts on areas I feel are in need of change and why. Explain the key drivers of the needed changes and any potential resistance. And in closing I will make recommendations that I feel will help my organization become more successful. The printing industry primarily engages in printing text and images on many types of materials. There is a wide range of products produced in the printing industry like fleet graphics, books, labels, and marketing material. The printing industry, like many other industries, continues to undergo technological changes, as computers and technology alter the manner in which work is performed. Many of the processes that were once done by hand are becoming more automated, and technology's influence can be seen in all stages of printing. Normally, a good size printing company needs extremely accurate and on-time resources for production control. During my years in the printing business, I have a chance to visit many different printing manufacturing plants. It always amazes me to see all the different types of production control systems while visiting other plants, most of them are in real time, very efficient and of the latest technology. I always ask the same question to each production manager I encounter, can you tell me right now where every job on your schedule is at
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An Insider's View - Insiders View 1 An Insiders View...

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