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WEEK 3 Written Assignments

WEEK 3 Written Assignments - WEEK 3 Written Assignments 2-3...

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WEEK 3 Written Assignments 2-3 PAGE SUMMARY 1. Due by Day 7 . Compensation: An Overview. Interview a job analyst or a compensation analyst (or appropriate HR staff member) to determine: (1) what type of job evaluation system is used at your place of employment, and (2) who conducts the evaluation. If your company is small and does not have a formal compensation department, you may contact a human resources department for a large employer in your area. BUS303 Human Resource Management Online (Note: Often, this is a function handled by a human resources department and line managers have very little involvement or knowledge of the process.) Prepare and submit a two-three page summary of the interview. Begin work on your Reflective Paper. It is recommended that you submit a draft to the Smarthinking Essay Center. This draft will not be submitted to your instructor for a grade. CITE and interview (J. Smith, personal communication, August 15, 2009) For personal references When using personal communication in a paper, you should introduce the source in the text- According to Donna Hutchins,  the CEO of Idaho Digital Academy, "The use of distance learning..." (personal communication, February 23, 2010).  You are correct that this does not then need to be listed on the reference page. In today’s harried business climate, many organizations have settled into a permanent crisis mode, and ASA is a great example of an organization running in crisis mode. According to Brad Williams, the Production Manager of ASA, “Management is continually unhappy with performance, everything is always over budget, all projects need to be done faster and cheaper, people’s jobs are constantly in jeopardy, etc. The problem is a total lack of balance.” (personal communication, March 28, 2011) . I asked Todd five basic interpersonal relations based questions. From his responses I gleaned four pieces of valuable information. The first thing I learned from the interview was what was considered appropriate dress and what is completely unacceptable. Todd stated that the appropriate attire in the computer repair field is business
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casual to business professional. He defined business casual as “khaki pants and a shirt with a collar. Business professional is considered by Todd as a suit and a tie. Depending on the situation, business casual may be inappropriate. For instance, if the technician is going on site to do work at a company that is dressed business professional, then business casual would be unacceptable. Another thing Todd stated was that if the technician was just going to be working in the back on computers, business casual would be fine. I think this is due to the comfort of the t... The subject of the Week 3 paper is about how they determine how much a position is worth. It is not about people it is about the position. There is a job evaluation process where the compensation analyst will use various means (surveys, etc.) to determine the pay ranges. You should ask what process that HRM uses to evaluate the worth of
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