BIO152 Final Prep - BIO152 Exam prep (post-midterm content)...

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BIO152 – Exam prep (post-midterm content) Dr. F. Rawle Study Tables and Sample Questions Sample Questions: -Do the textbook questions (focus on the “Check Your Understanding” questions throughout the text) in addition to the questions below to adequately prepare for the final. Chapter 24 1. Why do traits have to be heritable in order for evolution by natural selection to occur? 2. Transitional forms and vestigial traits have both been used as evidence that species change over time. Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of these two types of evidence. 3. Why is genetic homology “the most fundamental” level of homology? 4. List the traits that might help some individuals survive or reproduce better than other individuals for each of these organisms: rabbit, turtle, oak tree, bacteria. 5. A pattern of repeated speciation events is often found in island chains. What about islands promotes speciation? 6. Explain why individuals do not change when natural selection occurs. Chapter 25 1. Practice doing calculations using the Hardy-Weinberg equation. 2.
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BIO152 Final Prep - BIO152 Exam prep (post-midterm content)...

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