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L2 - Prokaryotic Domains

L2 - Prokaryotic Domains - • Have great affect on human...

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Prokaryotic Domains: Bacteria & Archaea Most ancient organisms; found everywhere on this planet Bacteria & Archaea are OLDER than Eukaryotes Humans have only discovered 5000 species; Possibly millions exist Microbiology: Study of Microbes ; microscopic organisms Prokaryotes (can deal with MANY extreme conditions) 1. Nucleoid contains DNA 2. Lacks nuclear membrane 3. Cytoplasm contains ribosomes & cytosol 4. Haploid Cells 5. Cell Wall 6. Reproduction by Asexual Reproduction ; Binary Fisson 7. Single Cell Organisms; BUT can form Colonies NOTE: Mutation & Conjugation allows new genetic make up, Conjugation – Genetics are transferred from one cell to another Differences in Bacteria & Archaea Bacteria: Cell walls are made of PEPTIGOGYLAN RNA Polymerse is simple; different from Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes Archaea: Cell walls are made of Polysaccaride RNA Polymerse is complex; similar to Eukaryotes Translation similar to Eukaryotes
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Bacteria & Archaea 1 st inhibitants & abundant Plays important role in ecosystems
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Unformatted text preview: • Have great affect on human health (medicine/infection) o Billions in our body; 500 Species in our mouth alone • Bacteria cleans up pollution that CANT be broken down in Water (universal solvent); helps prevents toxins • Bioremediation: Use of Prokaryotes & Bacteria to degenerate pollution Ex) Fertilization of toxic sites; live & feeds off toxins. Enzymes are more involved • Cyanobacteria: Bacteria producing oxygen through cynthesis o Changed Earth’s atmosphere o Dominant in marine & fresh water environments Nitrogen Needed for protein synthesis & nucleic acid, organism cannot use it directly; bacteria converts it to NH 3 (ammonia); without Nitrgoen, a fraction of life would exist Nitrate Pollution can cause decrease in Oxygen causing Anaerobic, “Dead Zones” – caused by Nitrates (NO 2 ) or (NO 3 ) • Soluble in H 2 O; causes run-off Pathogenic: Disease causing Bacteria o NOTE: No Archaea are Pathogenic...
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L2 - Prokaryotic Domains - • Have great affect on human...

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