L6 - Plants - Medicines(willowtrees for aspirin Papaya for...

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Green Algae & Land Plants (NOTE: Online Exercises up on Blackboard) Importance of Land Plants : Produce oxygen (oxygenic photosynthesis) Life depended on land plants, contributed to evolution of green earth Diversification Green Algae: Considered protists Closed living relatives to land plants Transition from aquatic to terrestrial life through evolution of land plants from green algae Strictly aquatic Chloroplast with double membrane Chlorophylls A + B Starch -> Storage Cellulose -> Located in Cell Wall o Symbiosis with fungi form lichen o Some live as endosymbiosis in Protists Plants also important for. . . Soil Basis of food chain in majority of terrestrial habitats Moderate local climate Hold soil & prevent nutrients from being lost
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o Holds Water in Soil Dominant primary producers to terrestrial ecosystems Key to the Carbon Cycle on land *Provide most of our food supply, fuel (ex. Coal), Fibers, building materials &
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Unformatted text preview: Medicines (willowtrees for aspirin/ Papaya for inflammation) Artificial selection for plants with certain properties has led to dramatic changes in plant characteristics • Green Algae closely related to Plants through morphological traits o Green Algae includes: Species unicellular, colonials & multicellular that live in marine & freshwater Nonvascular Plants: • Do not have vascular tissue to conduct water & provide support • Need a moist environment (adaptation from aquatic environment to land) Seedless Vascular Plants: • Have vascular tissues but do not produce seeds Seed Plants ( most diverse & complex) • Have vascular tissues & make seeds Terms: 1. Seed – Embryo & store nutritive tissue, surrounded by tough protective layer 2. Gymnosperms – Protect seed that do not develop on an enclosed structure 3. Angiosperms Land Plants -> Nonvascular Plants Green Algae -> Green Plants Seed Plants -> Angio & Gymno...
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L6 - Plants - Medicines(willowtrees for aspirin Papaya for...

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