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SCH 4U – Review for Atomic Structure Test The following sections from the text were covered: 3.4 Bohr Atomic Theory 3.5 Quantum Numbers* 3.6 Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table 3.7 Wave Mechanics and Orbitals 4.1 Lewis Theory of Bonding 4.2 The Nature of the Chemical Bond* 4.3 VSEPR Theory 4.4 Polar Molecules 4.5 Intermolecular Forces 4.6 Structures and Properties of Solids Practice Questions: These are some practice questions: 1. If all atoms have valence electrons, why do elements have unique band patterns. 2. Differentiate between the four quantum numbers. 3. What does the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle state? 4. Construct and energy level diagram from Silicon and it’s electron configuration. 5. Why does the 4s orbit fill before the 3d orbital? 6. How did scientist determine the shapes of various orbitals? 7. Draw Lewis diagrams for: O 2 F 2 , NH 3 , NH 4 + , O 3 , PO 4 3- 8. Explain the basis for resonance.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Differentiate between sp, sp 2 , and sp 3 bonds. 10. Compare and contrast pi and sigma bonds. 11. How does VSEPR change our view of polarity in molecules? Give structure for the compounds you have drawn in question #7. 12. Provide 3 examples where the presence of a lone pair alters the geometry of the molecule. Be sure to provide structure and chemical compound formulae. 13. What test can be done to determine if a liquid is polar? 14. Why does gasoline (octane) evaporate slower than light fluid (butane)? 15. Suggest reasons why salt water would boil at a higher temp. than pure water. 16. Which has a higher boiling point: propane or ethanol? 17. What force explains GeH 4 having a high boiling point than methane? 18. Using a chart, compare and contrast molecular, ionic and metallic crystals....
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