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Acids and Bases Halloween Review – The Bare Bones From acids and bases the following sections have been covered: 8.1, 8.2, 8.4, 8.5 in addition to your classroom notes and handouts. 1. Using equations, explain why ammonia is only a base according to one of the two definitions that we learned. 2. Construct and equation to illustrate the autoionization of water. Describe this relationship with the appropriate K value and mathematical equation. Note: In this course you will always be able to neglect the autoionization of water with respect to an equilibrium question (as seen on the example in pg 571) 3. Compare and contrast a strong acid with a weak acid. 4. Calculate the pH of a solution of barium hydroxide that has a concentration of 0.5moles in a 2L sample. (pg 538) 5. Determine the pOH of a NaOH solution that has a concentration of 0.02M. 6. The K a of an unknown acid is 1.7 X 10 -5 . If the initial concentration of the acid is 0.1M prior to equilibrium being established, determine the percent ionization. Hint: Set up an
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