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Less Sodas and Beverages Tired of More?Drink Less What Makes Us Different? Our products do not contain sugar or artificial colors and sweeteners. If it’s not all natural, it’s not in the bottle. Less sodas have almost as many calories as good old H 2 O, and they have only half the carbonation of regular soft drinks 1 like Coke® or other national brands. 1 When compared to the leading cola-flavored beverages. Our Orange Nut Cream is a blend of natural orange flavors and real coconut milk. The resulting combination
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Unformatted text preview: gives our Orange Nut Cream an incredibly smooth and rich taste. Think a soft drink can’t be good for you? Think again! Less sodas are enhanced with vitamins and minerals to fortify you through your busy day. Not only do our sodas and beverages taste great, they also are a good source of nutrition. Some of Our More Popular Flavors • Mango Mint • Orange Nut Cream • Passion Fruit Cola Less Sodas and Beverages 28 The Piedmont Sheffield Ridge, IL...
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