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University of Phoenix Axia College IT/236 Week 2 Assignment Given that the determination of the kind of site structure is largely determined by the intention of your website I have chosen the Linear Structure. The basic principle of Web design is centered around people going online to find information. The way you design your Web site depends on the type and quantity of content is, and how you intend the content to be shared. A linear network site is a web site where each page leads to another, so that there is a logical and linear progression of information. There may be a fork in the structure, but then each
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Unformatted text preview: leg of the fork will be linear in nature. The linear structure of information guides the user through a simple way. This structure lends itself to data such as presentations, twice in the content; users can scroll backward or forward. Each page can contain a link to the home page, if desired. The pages may also contain links to related sub. If users jump to page secondary issue which can only return to the page containing the link subtopic. The navigation structure is designed to return to the user to the same point on the route of the content. Reba Moran 03/12/2011...
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