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<Team version="1" gen="4" defaultTier="UU and OU"> <Trainer loseMsg="Good Game XD" avatar="33" winMsg="Uhh. ..yay :D" infoMsg="Blah Blah I'm just sexy, and that's all you really need to know hehehe">The Beast</Trainer> <Pokemon Item="91" Ability="101" Num="424" Nature="13" Shiny="0" Nickname="Ambipom" Forme="0" Happiness="0" Lvl="100" Gender="2"> <Move>252</Move> <Move>369</Move> <Move>86</Move> <Move>67</Move> <DV>31</DV> <DV>31</DV> <DV>31</DV> <DV>31</DV> <DV>31</DV> <DV>31</DV> <EV>4</EV> <EV>252</EV> <EV>0</EV> <EV>0</EV> <EV>0</EV> <EV>252</EV> </Pokemon> <Pokemon Item="8001" Ability="5" Num="208" Nature="22" Shiny="1" Nickname="Steelix" Forme="0" Happiness="0" Lvl="100" Gender="1"> <Move>174</Move> <Move>89</Move> <Move>360</Move> <Move>156</Move> <DV>31</DV> <DV>31</DV> <DV>31</DV> <DV>31</DV> <DV>31</DV> <DV>0</DV> <EV>252</EV> <EV>4</EV> <EV>0</EV> <EV>0</EV> <EV>252</EV> <EV>0</EV> </Pokemon> <Pokemon Item="15" Ability="60" Num="423" Nature="20" Shiny="0" Nickname="Gastrodon" Forme="0" Happiness="0" Lvl="100" Gender="2">
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This note was uploaded on 04/12/2011 for the course POKEMON 101 taught by Professor Ashketchum during the Spring '11 term at UC Davis.

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