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Ali Cheema AAPTIS 381 The Brave of the Faith Patience is a virtue that is truly rewarded in Islam, in this world if not the next. There are many forms of patience outlined by Islam. For example, abstaining from pre- marital sex, fasting during the month of Ramadan, holding one’s temper in times of provocation, and other similar acts display a person’s sincerity and their efforts to draw themselves near to Allah. In The Arabian Nights , the theme of patience is deftly interwoven within several of the 1001 stories. In “The Tale of the Man of Upper Egypt” and “The Tale of the Ruined Man of Baghdad and his Slave-Girl,” the characters ultimately attain their desires because their faith in Allah is so strong that no matter what the situation, they believe in His eternal compassion and mercy, and put their trust in Him. Patience and one’s faith in Allah are one and the same: as one increases the degree of patience they practice, they also increase their faith in Allah. Believers show their patience in relation with their sincerity and closeness to Allah. Patience, as defined under Islam, is not just “putting up with something,” but more about fulfilling the commands of the Quran and meticulously displaying moral perfection in every situation. When one develops these characteristics, they start to compete with other believers in order to improve their own character. In the following hadith , the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) informs Muslims that patience is a gift for them from Allah: “No one can be given a better and more abundant gift than patience.”
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aaptis arabian nights_ - Ali Cheema AAPTIS 381 The Brave of...

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