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17 Feb - I sraeli te law and covenant A The religious...

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Israelite law and covenant A. The religious character and authority of Israelite law B. Israelite law and Babylonian law compared C. The actual age of Israel’s laws: Mosaic or later? Assumption: a law originates in the period when the matter being regulated was actually at issue. Two observations: a. Many of the laws in the Pentateuch, especially religious laws, are not evident in the early life of Israel in Palestins (ca. 1200-1000), at least as far as we can tell from books of Judges and Samuel b. Also, the great prophets of the 700s, e.g., Amos and Hosea, don’t seem to know some of the laws c. (A_B) especially cultic laws D. The concept of covenant ( berit ) in Israel 1. Secular meaning: covenant= pact, formal agreement; e.g., Contract over water rights at a well (Gen 21) Agreement over a territorial boundary (Gen 31)
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A non-aggression treaty (Joshua 9:15-16) An economic treaty (1 Kings 5:12) A mutual defense treaty (1 Kings 15:19) A bond of marriage (Prov 2:17) 2. Religious meaning: covenant= relationship between God and Israel
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