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1 INTRODUCTION TO PROPHECY A. Past views of the Israelite prophets 1. Early Christians: prophets = predictors of Jesus Christ (see Matthew’s Gospel) 2. Traditional Jewish view: prophets = interpreters of the Mosaic law. 3. Julius Wellhausen: prophets = religious geniuses who thought up ethical monotheism. 4. Gustav Holscher: prophets = ecstatic poets. B. Some general features of Israelite prophecy. 1. intermediaries b/w divine and human worlds.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. predictors/foretellers of Jahweh’s acts in the near future. 3. analysts of hidden sources of evil in the present. 4. connection b/w prophets’ predictions and their criticisms. C. Distinction b/w early and classical prophets. 1. Classical prophets - prophets from Amos (750) onward- separate books with their speeches. 2. Early prophets- prophets before Amos- only stories about them in Genesis-Kings....
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