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BIBLE Produced by ancient Israelites and Jews over almost a millennium Majority was written in ancient Hebrew-related to modern Hebrew The old testament is a Christian label for the Hebrew bible Assume that there is a new testament because there is an old testament Jews do not own a new testament because they do not believe it Pentateuch /torah-first five books Approach is historical- we are after the meaning of the biblical writings in their ancient sense- ex: what did the lit mean to an audience in 700 BC? What did ancient authors want to say to their audience? Etc. It is critical-simply that we interpret the bible just as we would treat any other ancient book…we keep an open mind
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Unformatted text preview: Canon of the bible A. Concept of the “canon” 1. Canon=the fixed list of books in the Bible which Jews and Christians regard as sacred and authoritative for their faith and practice. 2. “Scripture”-open, fluctuating, body of sacred literature (can grow and shrink) before there was a bible, there was scripture vs. “Canon”-closed body of sacred literature (fixed. jews closed their scripture meaning that only certain things were in the bible and nothing else). B. Major Canons of the Bible 1. Jewish Canon= Hebrew Bible 100 CE 2. Catholic Canon (OT+NT) 3. Protestant Canon (OT+NT) #2,3 are Christian-written in greek-produced by Christian writers C. Jewish Canon (=HB)...
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