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Advertising Management Ch. 13

Advertising Management Ch. 13 - Sarah Anderson Advertising...

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Sarah Anderson Advertising Management Written Ch. 13 David Smith Answer Questions 1, 2, and 3 in Exploring Advertising (Page 381) 1. Try out several search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo,etc.) Perform a number of keyword searches. How do the various search engines return the results? Can you determine which results are natural versus paid? Do you get the same results from every engine? If not, why do you suppose you do not? If you were an advertiser, on which search engine would you choose to advertise and why? I performed the keyword searches of “rainbows”, “Hawaii”, and “iphone accessories” on Google, MSN, and Yahoo. I found that I was the least satisfied with msn's search results, because I was directed to a site called bing.com and the results seemed to be more like spam and less informational than I was looking for. I can tell when results are natural vs. paid because often the results include an advertisement saying that if you click on those results you will be directed to a page where you can receive something on sale, or a coupon to redeem at that website. They also fall under the side bar, not
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