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Sarah Anderson Consumer Behavior 3567 David Smith Written Assignment 3B Written Assignment 3B: (10 Points) Interview six non-business students. Ask them their opinions of subliminal persuasion. Follow up to include a question asking if they had ever been influenced to buy something through subliminal influences. Prepare and submit a paper that explains your conclusions from these interviews. What are your thoughts on your findings? For this interview, I chose 3 close friends and 3 students that I work at the same place of employment with to find out their opinions on subliminal influences and their thoughts on the subject. At first, I had to explain what the definition of the subject meant since none of them were business majors, none of them had ever heard of this phrase before. What I have come to realize after asking 6 different people, is that they all had some similar thoughts on the subject. I had asked my group of friends this weekend as I was with them all together at the same time,
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