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written 5 business ethics

written 5 business ethics - Sarah Anderson Business Ethics...

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Sarah Anderson Business Ethics 3520 Chapter 5 Written David Smith Prepare and submit answers to the following questions: Questions, Projects and Exercises: (Page 166): Questions 2 and 5 2.) Which of the three models of CSR is most persuasive to you and why? Which do you believe is the most prevalent among companies that engage in CSR efforts? I would say that the Enlightened Self-Interest Model is the most persuasive and the most prevalent among companies that engage in CSR efforts. The Enlightened self-interest model states that incorporating CSR can lead to differentiation and competitive market advantage for the business, something that can contribute to the company's brand for the present and future. As the book states, which is very true- good ethics is good business. While there are many disputes whether ethical decisions lead to more significant profits than unethical decisions, I still believe that it will, even if it's a slight profit margin because its what is best for the environment and their reputation. They are more
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