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Sarah Anderson Business Ethics Written Assignment Ch. 7 David Smith Questions, Projects and Exercises: (Page 286): Questions 6 and 7. For question 6 use the ethical decision making model to determine the ethics of a term paper service. 6.) I think these term paper services are a joke. I would never dream of spending money on a paper written by someone else, that would be extremely lazy and unethical since I would be attempting to get credit for someone else's work. I can see a service that offers editing for grammar, punctuation and spelling as long as the content of the paper is not altered as a good thing, but I would never dream of using the term paper services that offer pre-written papers for you. With websites such as, which scans for plagiarism, especially with online papers, I would imagine that it makes it really hard for those websites that sell papers to succeed and make much of a profit, and if they do, I find it very
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Unformatted text preview: hard to believe that the students cheating their way through don't get caught. 7.) I don't believe the video surveillance violated any privacy due to the reports of theft and the accusation of bringing weapons to campus. Unfortunately, by employees violating these laws, it should be mandatory that video surveillance is set up in hopes to keep everyone safe, and to prevent any other accounts of theft from happening. It's too bad that there are those people that have to ruin it for everyone by breaking the law and not following the rules. It seems a little ironic to me that these employees are security officers, and there is theft happening among them. Obviously there are some of those that shouldn't have the job to protect and reprimand those who don't follow the laws....
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