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consumer behavior - Sarah Anderson Consumer Behavior...

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Sarah Anderson Consumer Behavior Written Assignment David Smith 1.) What measures can consumers take in order to prevent becoming victims of identity theft? One of the most important things a consumer can do is to limit the amount of businesses they give their information out to in the first place. People need to be more aware of all of the identity theft cases going around and not give their information out to ridiculous e-mails or spam promising them something in return for their information. Changing passwords to accounts and updating them once in awhile to change things up may also be a great idea in case someone gets a hold of your current information that way. 2.) Even though selling consumer data is a legal business practice, many people question the data brokering practice. Is it ethical to sell consumer data for profit? My first and immediate reaction and thought is NO, it is not ethical what-so-ever. That is our individual
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