Consumer Behavior Chapt. 5 written

Consumer Behavior Chapt. 5 written - Sarah Anderson...

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Sarah Anderson Consumer Behavior 3567 Written Assignment Ch. 5 David Smith Written Assignment: (10 points) Prepare and submit answers for each of the following questions: 1.What is consumer motivation It's all about where and why a customer spends their money. Basically what their motivation is behind their purchases. 2.*How are needs and motivations related? Give an example from your own recent experiences as a consumer that illustrates this point. Motivations match up with different types of needs, either Utilitarian or hedonic. These motives are typically based on whether a particular need can best be addressed by one or the other type of motivation/need. For example, today- my boyfriend I just just purchased our Vegas package for over the weekend of Halloween, which would be considered a hedonic need since it is not a necessity or something that we needed to do in order to succeed, or survive. Our motivation behind this trip was something fun to do on one of his only breaks while he is in medical school, and while I'm finishing up my 4 year business degree. Motivation = self-fulfillment, self-gratification, unnecessary FUN and vacation. 3.What is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? List each category of needs in order, and provide an example of products associated with each. Physiological- Food, Drinks, Shelter, etc. (basic survival needs) Safety and Security- Need to be secure and protected – locks on doors, 911, cell phones for safety Belongingness and love- The need to feel like a member of the family or community. - Joining community groups, getting married, etc. Esteem- The need to be recognized as a person of worth- getting praised for accomplishments, and receiving compliments Self- Actualization- The need for personal fulfillment- Going to college, succeeding in something that you made a goal, getting a good job, etc. 4.*Can Maslow’s hierarchy of needs be used to offer a possible explanation as to why some
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Consumer Behavior Chapt. 5 written - Sarah Anderson...

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