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Consumer Behavior Chapter 1B

Consumer Behavior Chapter 1B - Sarah Anderson Consumer...

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Unformatted text preview: Sarah Anderson Consumer Behavior 3567 David Smith Written Assignment: Chapter 1B The following is a way to get a little practice as an interpretive researcher. Find two consumers who are significantly older than you, two consumers slightly older than you, and two consumers substantially younger than you who will allow you to observe them while they browse the Internet. Collect some field notes that describe their behavior as well as the discussion that you have with them during the exercise. Based on these interviews, prepare and submit a brief report on the way people from different generations obtain value from their use of the Internet. This was easy for me to find these candidates to research since I was able to find them within my own family, considering I have my parents who happen to be older, my 2 older brothers, and also my 2 younger cousins who are in their teens who live in the same town as I. From this research, I discovered there is a large gap in the way people from different generations obtain value from their use...
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