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Unformatted text preview: Sarah Anderson Ch 3 Part A 4.What are the 3 types of marketing research? Indicate which type each item in the list below illustrates. Explain your answers. Exploratory, Descriptive, and Casual a. descriptive- structured, and describing what the companies are, but clearly needs more research b. exploratory- because it could be a potential business opportunity. c. exploratory- it seems pretty unstructured as far as the approach goes d. descriptive, talks about what kind of products, and further research may be needed to know the results. e. causal because its a very structured. 5. Describe the type of research evidence that allows one to infer causality, Ideally, managers want to know how a change in one event will change another event of interest, like sales. Casual research attempts to establish that when we do one thing, another thing will follow. A causal inference is just a conclusion. While we use the term “cause” all the time in everyday language, scientifically establishing something as a cause is not so easy and...
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