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Marketin research paper 5

Marketin research paper 5 - _Not very interested 3 If yes...

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Sarah Anderson Marketing research Paper 5 Using the “What is the Best Layout” section of Chapter 11 as your guide convert the questions you built in Project Assignment #4 into a “good” mail questionnaire. A questionnaire is considered the instrument in marketing research 1.)Have you visited the Bemidji Regional Event Center yet? ____Yes ____No 2.) (If no) Are you interested in going to an event at the Bemidji Regional Event Center? (Check one) __Very interested __Somewhat interested
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Unformatted text preview: __Not very interested 3.) If yes to Q.1, How satisfied were you with the Bemidji Event Center overall?-1 Very satisfied-2 Somewhat satisfied-3 Somewhat dissatisfied -4 Very dissatisfied (If dissatisfied) In what way were you dissatisfied?__________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________...
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