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One of the main reasons I failed to pass the midterm was the fact that I entered in the data wrong. I noticed that my data set was entered incorrectly. By that, the whole midterm analysis was thrown off. I also noticed that I failed to recode the three variables. The graphs and table had errors in APA style. The description was centered, it missed a few punctuation marks and a few descriptions to the graphs were hard to understand. My methods/participants section had errors in
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Unformatted text preview: punctuation and wording. I rewrote my participants section and make it more appropriate to the eye. I went back through and performed the midterm again and corrected each error. I now have a better understanding of what I’ve done wrong and corrected this midterm to the best of my ability. Thank you Dr. Dossett for giving me an opportunity to correct my mistakes for a better grade on this particular assignment. I truly appreciate it. Nathan Petway, Jr....
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