Chem 3AL Experiment 9 - 1 Hardy Lab 9: What do you Take for...

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Hardy Lab 9: What do you Take for Pain? Discussion The acid-base chemistry involved in this experiment was between the sodium naproxen in the pill and the sulfuric acid I added to the supernatant after centrifuging the mixture of the Aleve pill in water. The supernatant consisted of water and sodium naproxen, which is the desired compound and is soluble in water. I centrifuged the mixture to be sure that the supernatant would only include sodium naproxen, and none of the undesired compounds present in the Aleve pill. I added sulfuric acid to a cool solution of sodium naproxen in water, which is when the acid-base reaction occurred. The strong acid removed the sodium ion from the sodium naproxen molecules, leaving naproxen behind. Naproxen is insoluble in cold water, so it solidified, leaving sodium sulfate in the solution. By centrifuging this new solution, the desired compound, naproxen, is in the solid at the bottom of the tube with the undesired compounds in the supernatant. I used a mixture of ethanol and water to recrystallize the compound. For any recyrstallization attempt, the proper solvent is one in which the compound is soluble at high temperatures, but less so at low temperatures. For co-solvents, the solid must be soluble in one solvent and less soluble in the other, and the two solvents must be
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Chem 3AL Experiment 9 - 1 Hardy Lab 9: What do you Take for...

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