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chap6_cap_airline - We are always adding new destinations...

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Welcome aboard! Thank you for flying Sunset Airlines, the newest airline with destinations to popular vacation spots, such as Las Vegas, Orlando, and Miami. Whether you’re flying to Las Vegas to try your luck at the casinos or flying to New York City to see a Broadway musical, count on us to get you there safely. Because we want to be the airline you can count on to get you to your destination, we are proud to display our on-time records. When you get ready to take a trip, you can feel confident that we’ll get you there on-time!
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Unformatted text preview: We are always adding new destinations. Our network continues to grow and we anticipate adding the cities of Minneapolis and Salt Lake City in the upcoming months! For a more enjoyable flight, please pay special attention to the following regulations: Cell Phones are not allowed in flight All flights are non-smoking Small animals are allowed in carriers Carry-on bags are limited to two Checked bags are limited to 50 pounds DVD players can be rented in flight...
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