Chapter 6 - Outline

Chapter 6 - Outline - Law for Accountants I(GenBus 304 Dr...

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Law for Accountants I (GenBus 304) Dr. Decateur Reed CHAPTER 6: Criminal Law I. Definition: A. To prevent harm to society by 1. Doing certain things 2. To define conduct that is acceptable 3. Establish rule the punishment – probation and to rehabilitate 4. to preserve … B. Prosecuted by the government 1. Burden of proof is ________________________________________. C. Presumption: D. Federal: statutory law E. State: common law and statutory law II. Elements: A. Act ( actus reus ): nonmental ornament 1. Culpable conduct: a. Positive actions: 1) Outward manifestations: subject to control the individual 2) Status crimes: consider a criminal without an act . B. Intent ( mens rea ): 1. Subjective fault : specific intent crime a. Purposeful: specific intent crime - to achieve the illegal conduct (have to have the element of transfer intent) Indifference b. Recklessly: general intent crime – don’t have specific intent 2. Objective fault : Inadvertence a. Carelessness - less guilty or Negligence – didn’t intent any sort it’s accidental. III. Classification. A. Mala in se : apparently wrong in themselves B. Mala prohibita : is not apparently wrong, it is only wrong when the law said it’s wrong C. Punishment: 1. Felony: as the crime of punishable over 1 year or death
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Chapter 6 - Outline - Law for Accountants I(GenBus 304 Dr...

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