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Chapter 7 - Outline

Chapter 7 - Outline - Law for Accountants I(GenBus 304 Dr...

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Law for Accountants I (GenBus 304) Dr. Decateur Reed CHAPTER 7: Intentional Torts I. Prima Facie Case. A. Act. B. Intent of Consequences: 1. Types: a. Deliberate and purposeful. b. Recklessness. c. Implied. d. Constructive. C. Causation. D. Damages: have to be proven ( personal, property, economic) II. Torts to Persons. A. Assault: 1. Reasonable apprehension of immediate bodily harm or offensive contact. 2. Requires: a. reasonable ability to accomplish it b. overact (something more than just a thread) 3. No actual damage required. B. Battery: 1. Harmful or offensive contact. 2. Transferred intent. 3. Judged by the reasonable person standard. 4. No actual damage required. C. False Imprisonment: 1. Confinement against person’s will within a bounded area. 2. Person must be conscious of the confinement. a. b. no reasonable mean of escape 3. Physical force or threat. 4. Length of time: 5. No actual damage is required. D. Infliction of Emotional Distress: 1. Extreme and outrageous conduct. a. Test : 2. Foreseeable injury. 3. Special duty: a. b. c. Pregnancy women d. Young children (13 and under) e. Those with nonsense f. 4. Actual damage required. You need to document it 5. Transferred intent. Only if the defendant knew that the plant is present.
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