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Student Survival Guide 1 - Student Survival Guide 1 Student...

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Student Survival Guide 1 Student Survival Guide James Smeed Axia College of University Of Phoenix A Student Survival Guide is a practical and useful tool for students who are pursuing academic goals. A guidebook serves as a functional roadmap for a student to accomplish the desired outcome in his or her pursuit of academic success. This paper will discuss and give practical examples regarding the topic areas of discussion assigned for this paper. Educational Resources are the foundation to achieving a degree. Axia College has ample educational resources available for a learning student. One of the resource tools that I have found most beneficial in my learning process is the Axia Center for Writing Excellence. It has Student Survival Guide 2 given me a greater level of awareness and understanding on how to appropriately credit another scholar’s work and decide if they are a credible source. There are also other resources such as, of which can be found at the ecampus for Axia College of University of Phoenix. Axia College also provides a useful online library that distance learners can access to help them with their studies. This allows Axia students the ability to research scholarly journal articles, scholarly books and other sources of educationally based material. I have found this resource to be of great value. It allows me the freedom to conduct research without having to expend money for gasoline, and personal time away from my family.
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I have also used a valuable website during my studies. is a website that we used to help with our assignments and at times we even completed assignments
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Student Survival Guide 1 - Student Survival Guide 1 Student...

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