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IR 408 Notes 02-22-2011

IR 408 Notes 02-22-2011 - I R 408 Notes The 1990s From...

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IR 408 Notes 02-22-2011 The 1990s: From Demo-optimism to Demo-Pessimism o The Spirit of 1989 The End of the and the Cold War and the Short 20 th Century (1917- 1991) Fukuyama and the End of History o Is the Third Wave Likely to Continue?: The Limits of Democratization The Level of Economic Development The Level of National/Ethnic Diversity Religion (Islam) o How Stable are the New Democracies? A Third Wave in Reverse The Breakdown of Democracies Table 1 – Regressions of Freedom House Ratings on Hypothesized Determinants (reading 12) Table 4 – Polity IV’s 21-Point Scale from strongly democratic to strongly non- democratic Muslim-majority countries, in 2000 (reading 13) Table 1 – Muslim-Majority Countries with Three or More consecutive Years of Moderately High Political and Electoral Rights Between 1972-73 and 2001- 2002:Polity IV and Freedom House Rankings (reading 13) How Stable are the New Democracies? The Breakdown of Democracy (reading 14) How Really Democratic are the New Governments?
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