IR 408 Notes 03-01-2011

IR 408 Notes 03-01-2011 - Use quantified data related to...

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IR 408 Notes 03-01-2011 Democracy promotion o 1989 – collapse of Communism rise to democracy promotion Some governments try to export democracy around the world What can we do self-consciously to promote democratization around the world? What kind of programs can we put into place? Created enough about democracy that it could be talked about Separated democracy and human rights Why the push to promote democracy? o Can be traced back to Woodrow Wilson o 1945 – United Nations developed o 1948 – UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) 1. Democracy promotion o Why? o Who? Who is actually involved? o What? What are promoters of democracy doing? 2. International IDEA – intergovernmental organization based in Stockholm (about 25-8 member countries, all democracies) o Sponsor the conduct of democracy assessments – empirical assessment of democracy Strengths Weaknesses Ways to improve
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Unformatted text preview: Use quantified data related to democracy 3. Election Observation o 4. US MCA (Millennium Challenge Account) run out of the US State Department o Represents a total shift in US foreign policy Data o CPI o Democracy, accountability, corruption Democracy Promotion After 1989 should be democratic because becoming a universal value Why should democracy be promoted? Is it the only thing that is important? Sovereignty? o Sovereign basically means no one can tell me what to do within my own country o R2P sovereignty is absolute You have sovereignty as much as you protect your own people o Enough consensus that we should consider in international affairs Who is doing the promotion? o National endowment of democracy o What exactly do the promoters do?...
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IR 408 Notes 03-01-2011 - Use quantified data related to...

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