IR 408 Notes 03-03-2011

IR 408 Notes 03-03-2011 - years MCC – Millennium...

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IR 408 Notes 03-03-2011 1. Democracy promotion Why? Who? Who is actually involved? NGO o 1941 – Freedom House Started publishing data in early 1970s o 1982 – Carter Center (Jimmy Carter started after presidency) Located at Emory University in Atlanta Government o 1983 –US NED Umbrella of network of actors Money from congress US NED are not government officials Supports programs by supporting other organizations that support democracy around the world IRI – International Republican Institute NDI – National Democratic Institution o USAID – Agency of International Development (roughly $1 billion annually) Directly related to US government o 1994 – US State Department formed a new bureau for democracy, labor rights o 2004 – Millennium Challenge Account (roughly $7 billion to be distributed over 5
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Unformatted text preview: years) MCC – Millennium Challenge Corporation runs it • Europe o Regional Organization – EU o OSCE – Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (Vienna based) o 1993 – International IDEA (intergovernmental organization roughly 25 from all regions of the world) Only democratic were invited to be members • OAS (Organization of American States) o 1990 – created Unit for the Promotion of Democracy • 1991 – within the UN formation of the electoral assistant division • UNDP (part of the UN) (roughly $1.4 billion annually) o Formed in the 1960s to help developing countries What? What are promoters of democracy doing? • Political (direct) o Elections o Civil society organization/NGOs • Developmental (indirect)...
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IR 408 Notes 03-03-2011 - years MCC – Millennium...

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