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Business Law1 1 Business law1 1. Issue The issue here is whether a contract without a seal is binding. Rule A contract with a seal shows the evidence that the contract existed. It is also used to differentiate between a contract and a promise. Seals show the significance of the agreement. It also shows beyond doubt that it was a legal transaction and that the parties intended to make the contract. The exception to the rule states that to innocent parties it does not apply. In this case a promise acts as a consideration. Application In the case of April and Jon, The contract was made without a seal. It may imply that the contract did not take place. It may also mean that the contract was not legal and that the parties did not intend to make a contract. Conclusion April Roberson will have to pay the damages because the contract is valid even without a seal and the promise he gave to build the house acts as the consideration. 2. Issue The issue here is whether Lindy was liable to pay for the repairs of her insured car which was taken by the insurance company to Brandie for repairs.
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