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AE304_fall09_HW4 - Homework 4 Due:Monday,October19,2009...

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Homework 4 AE304 – Aircraft Structures I – Fall 2009 Due: Monday, October 19, 2009 Exercise 1: A cantilevered beam with triangle cross section and the length L = 1.0 m is subjected to a 6 kN force through its centroid as show in Figure 1. Determine the locations and values of the maximum tensile and compressive normal stress. The dimensions of the cross section are h = 150 mm, b = 80 mm. Figure 1 Exercise 2: A cantilevered beam with L cross section is subjected to two loads as shown in Figure 2. Calculate the maximum tensile and compressive values of the normal stress at location 50 in. from the free end. Figure 2 z y L P x y P C h b 30 O 50 in z 20 lb 1in 2 in y x 25 lb 2 in 2 in
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Exercise 3: A thin walled cantilevered beam has a constant cross section of uniform thickness with the dimensions shown in Figure 3. It is subjected to a system of point loads acting in the planes of the walls of the section in the directions shown. Calculate the bending stress at the points 1, 2, and 3 of the cross section at the fixed end.
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AE304_fall09_HW4 - Homework 4 Due:Monday,October19,2009...

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