Module 11 (Lec1) - Prevention of Exercise-Related Injuries

Module 11 (Lec1) - Prevention of Exercise-Related Injuries...

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Unformatted text preview: Prevention of Exercise­Related Injuries Risk of Injury to Body 60% of running injuries are to the foot and knee Factors associated with running injuries – – – Improper training techniques Inadequate shoes Alignment abnormalities in the legs and feet Factors associated with running injuries Common Common Injuries Injuries Back Pain – Example: Sciatica What Might Lead to Back Pain? More Common Injuries Acute muscle soreness ­ pain during or immediately following an exercise session condition that develops 24 to 48 hours after an exercise session Delayed­onset muscle soreness – Tendonitis – inflammation of a tendon Muscle strains – damage to a Muscle muscle in different degrees muscle Ligament sprains – damage to a Ligament ligament ligament Common Injuries (continued) Torn cartilage Patella­femoral pain – “runners knee” Shin splints Generic term for injuries of lower leg Stress fractures – tiny cracks or breaks in the bone Treatment – surgical shoe Reducing The Risk of ExerciseInduced Injuries Strengthen muscles Warm­up and cool­down Use proper equipment Do not over train Allow adequate recovery What if You Are Injured? Initial treatment – R. I. C. E. Rehabilitation – Cryokinetics Cryokinetics for injury rehabilitation Summary Risk of injury – Factors associated with running injuries Common injuries – Back pain, acute muscle soreness, delayed­ onset muscle soreness, strains, ligament sprains, torn cartilage, patella­femoral pain, shin splints, stress fractures Reducing injury risk – Strengthen muscles, warm­up and cool­down, use proper equipment, do not over train, allow adequate recovery ...
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