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Lecture 18 Outline - Competition 9 March, 2011 I. Name (and memorize) these interactions Interaction Species 1 Species 2 0 0 - - - 0 + - + 0 + + Competition = the interaction that occurs when organisms of the same or different species use a common resource that is in short supply. Assumes RESOURCE LIMITATION. In competition, both populations/species have reduced fitness because of the interaction Types of Competition 1. Who? a. Intraspecific – competition between members of the __________ species b. Interspecific – competition between members of ____________ species Which of these forms of competition do you expect to be most intense? Why? 2. How? a. Interference – organisms compete for the same resources with direct physical contact b. Resource (aka exploitative) – organisms compete indirectly for the same resources – without direct physical contact Some examples… 1. Lions attacked cheetahs and stole their kills. What kind of competition is this? 2. Lions were better able to capture gazelles than cheetahs, the lions never contact the cheetahs, but they left few gazelles for the cheetahs to capture. What kind of competition is this? II. MEASURING COMPETITION in Theory
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Lecture%2018%20Outline_9Mar2011[1] - Ecology 326...

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