CISCO CCNA Certifications_ CCNA 1_Module 10

CISCO CCNA Certifications_ CCNA 1_Module 10 - CISCO CCNA...

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CISCO CCNA Certifications Your Ad Here Categories CCNA 1 UPDATED (12) CCNA 2 UPDATED (12) CCNA 3 UPDATED (7) CCNA tieng viet (1) CCNA1 (16) CCNA2 (20) CCNA3 (10) CCNA4 (8) Cisco Exploration 4.0 (3) ebook CCNA (2) EbooK_tool_CCNA (7) key_CCNA v4 (3) key_CCNA4 (13) Labpro (2) Your Ad Here Cisco Ccna Test Yourself Inc. Syngress Medi. .. Best Price $94.89 or Buy New $94.89 Privacy Information 04:18 CCNA 1:Module 10 P OSTED BY A DMIN Options With Highlight Colours are Correct Answer 1. Refer to the exhibit. A student working in the lab selects a cable that is wired as shown. Which connection types can successfully be made with this cable? (Choose two.) connecting a PC to a router's console port connecting two routers together via their fast ethernet ports connecting two switches together at gigabit speeds connecting a PC to a switch at Gigabit Ethernet speeds connecting two devices with the same interface type at Fast Ethernet speeds 2. Which option identifies the primary interface which would be used for initial configuration of a Cisco router? AUX interface Ethernet interface serial interface console interface 3. What makes fiber preferable to copper cabling for interconnecting buildings? (Choose three.) greater distances per cable run lower installation cost limited susceptibility to EMI/RFI durable connections greater bandwidth potential easily terminated 4. A network administrator is required to use media in the network that can run up to 100 meters in cable length without using repeaters. The chosen media must be inexpensive and easily installed. The installation will be in a pre-existing building with limited cabling space. Which type of media would best meet these requirements? STP UTP coaxial single-mode fiber multimode fiber Hom e Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS) Industrial Ethernet Seriously Rugged Network Equipment Reliable in the Harshest Locations Cisco OEM GLC-SX-MM New, Factory Sealed, In Stock Special $294.00 (866)913-5252 Cisco from 50-90% Off
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CISCO CCNA Certifications_ CCNA 1_Module 10 - CISCO CCNA...

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