CISCO CCNA Certifications_ CCNA 1_Module 7

CISCO CCNA Certifications_ CCNA 1_Module 7 - CISCO CCNA...

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CISCO CCNA Certifications Your Ad Here Categories CCNA 1 UPDATED (12) CCNA 2 UPDATED (12) CCNA 3 UPDATED (7) CCNA tieng viet (1) CCNA1 (16) CCNA2 (20) CCNA3 (10) CCNA4 (8) Cisco Exploration 4.0 (3) ebook CCNA (2) EbooK_tool_CCNA (7) key_CCNA v4 (3) key_CCNA4 (13) Labpro (2) Your Ad Here Cisco Ccna Test Yourself Inc. Syngress Medi. .. Best Price $94.89 or Buy New $94.89 Privacy Information 04:12 CCNA 1:Module 7 P OSTED BY A DMIN Options With Highlight Colours are Correct Answer 1. Which three factors should be considered when implementing a Layer 2 protocol in a network? (Choose three.) the Layer 3 protocol selected the geographic scope of the network the PDU defined by the transport layer the physical layer implementation the number of hosts to be interconnected 2. Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that the network in the exhibit is converged meaning the routing tables and ARP tables are complete, which MAC address will Host A place in the destination address field of Ethernet frames destined for www.server? 00-1c-41-ab-c0-00 00-0c-85-cf-65-c0 00-0c-85-cf-65-c1 00-12-3f-32-05-af 3. Which options are properties of contention-based media access for a shared media? (Choose three.) non-deterministic less overhead one station transmits at a time collisions exist devices must wait their turn token passing 4. What is true concerning physical and logical topologies? The logical topology is always the same as the physical topology. Physical topologies are concerned with how a network transfers frames. Physical signal paths are defined by Data Link layer protocols. Logical topologies consist of virtual connections between nodes. 5. What is true regarding media access control? (Choose three.) Ethernet utilizes CSMA/CD defined as placement of data frames on the media contention-based access is also known as deterministic Hom e Entries (RSS)
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CISCO CCNA Certifications_ CCNA 1_Module 7 - CISCO CCNA...

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