CISCO CCNA Certifications_ CCNA 1_Module 2

CISCO CCNA Certifications_ CCNA 1_Module 2 - CISCO CCNA...

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CISCO CCNA Certifications: CCNA 1:Module 2[10/29/2008 4:08:02 PM] Next Blog» Create Blog | Sign In SEARCH BLOG FLAG BLOG CISCO CCNA CERTIFICATIONS MONDAY, 11 AUGUST 2008 CCNA 1:Module 2 Options With Highlight Colours are Correct Answer 1. Which statements correctly identify the role of intermediary devices in the network? (Choose three.) determine pathways for data. initiate data communications. retime and retransmit data signals. originate the flow of data . manage data flows. final termination point for data flow. 2. Select the statements that are correct concerning network protocols. (Choose three.) define the structure of layer specific PDU's. dictate how to accomplish layer functions. outline the functions necessary for communications between layers. limit hardware compatibility. require layer dependent encapsulations. eliminate standardization among vendors. 3. What are the key functions of encapsulation? (Choose three.) allows modification of the original data before transmission. identifies pieces of data as part of the same communication. enables consistent network paths for communication. ensures that data pieces can be directed to the correct receiving end device. enables the reassembly of complete messages. tracks delay between end devices. 4. Which two layers of the OSI model have the same functions as the TCP/IP model Network Access Layer? (Choose two.) Network. Transport. Mini Wireless Spy Camera Amazing 3/4" color mini Spy Camera Only $68.99, Free Discreet Shipping Travel Professionals Needed, Do You Have Time to Make $200-$5000 Per Month, With Perks? TakingVacationsForLess.i
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CISCO CCNA Certifications_ CCNA 1_Module 2 - CISCO CCNA...

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