Biology 2A03-Quiz2-2011A

Biology 2A03-Quiz2-2011A - Biology 2A03 Quiz #2 March 7,...

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Biology 2A03 – Quiz #2 March 7, 2011 Version 1 page 1/8 Biology 2A03 – Integrative Physiology of Animals Quiz # 2, March 7, 2011 G.B. McClelland Specific Instructions : This test has 35 multiple choice questions on 8 pages. The questions start on page 2. Answer all of the following 35 questions on the optical scan sheet provided. There is only one fully correct answer for each question. This test is worth 10% of your final grade. NOTE: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THE ANSWER SHEET IS PROPERLY COMPLETED: YOUR EXAMINATION RESULT DEPENDS UPON PROPER ATTENTION TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS. The scanner, which reads the sheets, senses the shaded areas by their non-reflection of light. A heavy mark must be made, completely filling the circular bubble, with an HB pencil. Marks made with a pen or felt-tip marker will NOT be sensed. Erasures must be thorough or the scanner may still sense a mark. Do NOT use correction fluid on the sheets. Do NOT put any unnecessary marks or writing on the sheet. 1. Sides 1 (red side) of the form, in the top box, in pen, print your student number, name, course name, section number, instructor name and the date in the spaces provided. Then you MUST write your signature in the space marked SIGNATURE. *2. IN THE SECOND BOX, WITH A PENCIL, MARK YOUR STUDENT NUMBER , EXAM VERSION NUMBER AND COURSE SECTION NUMBER IN THE SPACE PROVIDED AND FILL IN THE CORRESPONDING BUBBLES UNDERNEATH . 3. Use Red side of the form for questions 1-50 and grey side of the form for questions 51-100. Answers, mark only ONE choice from the alternatives (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or A, B, C, D, E) provided for each question. If there is a True/False questions, enter response of 1 (or A) as True, and 2 (or B) as False. The question number is to the left of the bubbles. Make sure that the number of the question on the scan sheet is the same as the question number on the exam paper. 4. Pay particular attention to the Marking Directions on the form. 5. Begin answering questions using the first set of bubbles, marked “1”. Test starts on the next page…
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Biology 2A03 – Quiz #2 March 7, 2011 Version 1 page 2/8 1. If an enzyme increases the affinity for its substrate: A) at any given [S] more Enzyme Substrate (ES) complexes will be formed B) at any given [S] fewer ES complexes will be formed C) the same number of ES complexes will be formed at a lower [S] D) the Vmax for the reaction will decrease E) both A and C 2. In the “do-it-yourself” heart lab, removal of the balloon was performed to illustrate A) The influence of increased arterial resistance as occurs during exercise. B) The influence of removing one of the two resistances in parallel. C) a “stroke” D) The influence of decreased venous compliance as occurs during hardening of the arteries. E)
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Biology 2A03-Quiz2-2011A - Biology 2A03 Quiz #2 March 7,...

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