BIOLOGY 2A03 Course Outline 2011

BIOLOGY 2A03 Course Outline 2011 - Biology 2A03 Integrative...

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Biology 2A03 Integrative Physiology of Animals Winter Term - 2011 BIOLOGY 2A03 Integrative Physiology of Animals Winter Term – 2011 INSTRUCTOR : Grant B. McClelland, Ph.D., LS 228, Ext 24266, [email protected] INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANT: Thelma Leech, LSB 118, Ext 24629, [email protected] LECTURES: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:30-6:20 pm; MDCL 1305 LABORATORIES: Monday to Friday, 2:30 to 5:20 pm or 8:30 to 11:20 am. Labs are held in LS 109 or 110. Please check your lab assignment to make sure that you know which lab room your section is assigned to. An additional lab section may be added if needed. Students must attend the lab section to which they have been assigned. Those with conflicts should arrange their own lab change through SOLAR. It is your responsibility to show up to the correct lab section and lab room . TEXTS: A) Lectures: Required Textbook: Principles of Human Physiology , 2 nd or 3 rd Edition By Germann and Stanfield, Pearson Benjamin Cummings B) Labs: Lab handouts will be available online. MARKS: 30% 3 Quizzes @ 10% each (written during lecture slots; Room assignments for quizzes will be announced online); quizzes are cumulative 30% *Laboratories (2 semi-formal lab reports @ 5% each, & 2 full lab reports @ 8% each, 1 short questionnaires @ 4%) 40% §Final Exam; exam is cumulative and covers all topics * No special lab notebook is required for the lab but you must have a way to record data. You should also bring your textbook and class notes to the lab with questionnaires. In event of a storm closure check online for alternate arrangements for those lab sections. † IMPORTANT NOTE: POLICY REGARDING MISSED WORK IN THE FACULTY OF SCIENCE: Beginning in September 2010, undergraduate students who have missed academic work due to an absence will use the improved on-line self-reporting tool, named the McMaster Student Absence Form (MSAF). The MSAF can be reached at . The MSAF is only available to undergraduate students whose absence is 5 days or less in duration. Such students will list the work they have missed, by course, into the system and an email request for relief will automatically be sent to the course instructor or designate. It will continue to be the responsibility of the student to follow up with his/her instructor to discuss the nature of the relief. If you have missed work, it is your responsibility to speak with Thelma Leech LSB 118, Ext 24629, [email protected] as soon as possible. IMPORTANT NOTE – Students MUST complete a minimum of 75% of the course work (lab + quizzes) to obtain credit for Biology 2A03, even if they have approved notes from the Associate Dean’s office. 1 of 5
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Biology 2A03 Integrative Physiology of Animals Winter Term - 2011 Missed labs: A. Semi-formal and formal Lab reports (1, 2, 3, & 4): If you miss attending labs 1, 2, 3 or 4 and you have a note from the Associate Dean’s office (using the McMaster Student Absence Form), you must still do a semi-formal or formal report using data posted online OR obtained from your TA OR Mrs. Leech.
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BIOLOGY 2A03 Course Outline 2011 - Biology 2A03 Integrative...

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