Sample MT exam with answers Feb 22

Sample MT exam with answers Feb 22 - ADM 2302 Business...

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ADM 2302 Business Decision Models FINAL EXAM December 7, 2005 Last Name: _____________________ First Name: ____________________ Student #: _______ Section: ______ Professor (circle): Lane (A) Michalowski (B) Jaber(C and D) Instructions: 1. Please answer all the questions in the space provided. Please use scrapbook for notes, etc. Only answers in this questionnaire will be marked. 2. This is a closed-book exam: One review sheet (double sided) and calculator are allowed. 3. Verify that your exam has 11 pages (including this front page and the last page containing the Normal Distribution table). DO NOT WRITE ON THE TABLE BELOW Question 1 2 3 4 5 Total Notes Points 25 12 13 25 25 100 Statement of Academic Integrity The School of Management does not condone academic fraud, an act by a student that may result in a false academic evaluation of that student or of another student. Without limiting the generality of this definition, academic fraud occurs when a student commits any of the following offences: plagiarism or cheating of any kind, use of books, notes, mathematical tables, dictionaries or other study aid unless an explicit written note to the contrary appears on the exam, to have in his/her possession cameras, radios (radios with head sets), tape recorders, pagers, cell phones, or any other communication device which has not been previously authorized in writing. Statement to be signed by the student: I have read the text on academic integrity and I pledge not to have committed or attempted to commit academic fraud in this examination. Signed:______________________________________ Note: an examination copy or booklet without that signed statement will not be graded and will receive a final exam grade of zero.
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ADM 2302 Final Exam Page 2 QUESTION 1 : (25 points) Electronics Play Group (EPG) of Packenham, Ontario is considering how to distribute a new portable MP3 player they manufacture of which a first production run of 5,000 units is now in progress in time for the Christmas season. EPG expects to sell all 5,000 units. A strategy for distributing the new MP3 player involves deciding how many units to distribute among different markets. These markets include: (1) retail technology distributors (e.g., Future Shop, Best Buy, The Source); (2) retail business equipment distributors (e.g., Business Depot/Staples); (3) retail commercial big box outlets (e.g., Wal-Mart); and (4) direct on-line Internet purchases (e.g., eBay). Profits from the product will vary according to the distribution market because of differing costs of distribution. As well, advertising costs and personnel sales requirements by market also differ as per the table below. The advertising budget is limited to $50,000 and a maximum sales force time of 4,600 hours is available. Distribution Channel
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Sample MT exam with answers Feb 22 - ADM 2302 Business...

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