Chapter 9 Religion

Chapter 9 Religion - C hapter 9: Religion What Is Religion?...

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Chapter 9: Religion What Is Religion? Religion is a system of beliefs and practices around sacred things, a set of shared "stories" that guide belief and action. Religious beliefs help shape social behavior by setting expectations and helping people distinguish between right and wrong. There are many religions throughout the world, all of which fall into one of three categories: theism , the worship of a god or gods; ethicalism , the adherence to certain principles to lead a moral life; and animism , the belief that spirits roam the natural world. Secularism is a general movement away from religiosity and spiritual belief and toward a rational, scientific orientation. Theory: Marx, Weber, and Durkheim In accordance with his belief that all social facts of life are grounded in conflict, Karl Marx argued religion was used to keep workers from questioning their oppressed position in everyday life by promising them riches in the afterlife. Max Weber argued that Protestantism was a prerequisite for the development of capitalism because it introduced the idea that a person fulfilled his duty to God through hard work and asceticism. Making money was not frowned upon, although spending that money on pleasure and personal enjoyment was. Emile Durkheim
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Chapter 9 Religion - C hapter 9: Religion What Is Religion?...

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