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EE4210 Tutorial 5 1. Use Generalized Delta Rule in Backpropagation Training (a) Complete the error backpropagation phase in Q2 of Tutorial 4 and update all the weights and thresholds in the multilayer perceptron. But this time, use the generalized delta rule with momentum constant α = 0.6. (b) Then use the new weights and thresholds to find the new actual network output y Y 1 for the same inputs X 1 = 0 and X
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Unformatted text preview: 2 = 1. Compare it with the actual network outputs found in Q1 and Q2 of Tutorial 4. 2. Delta-Delta Rule for Learning Rate Adaptation Based on the trainings in Q1 of Tutorial 4 and Q1 of this tutorial, calculate the new learning rate parameter η for each weight/threshold if the delta-delta rule is employed after the second iteration. The control step-size parameter γ is chosen as 0.8....
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